Maxin’ and Relaxin’

Seriously, it’s been a long (but fun) weekend. Friday night a few girlfriends and I went out to a bar here in in town. We’d gone to one last week but I don’t think it was nearly as fun. This bar (Clubhouse Bar and Grille) had karaoke, pool tables, a friendly staff and great food. Plus, bottles of Bud Lite were only $2.25 and on tap Bud Lite was $1.25 or around $5 a pitcher. Needless to say we sprang for the pitcher and after awhile I could no longer see the balls on the pool table. I launched the cue ball off the table at one point and completely missed when I was breaking. Nice Christine. So nice that some guy walked over and compliments my suavity. I just laughed. Another guy had come over earlier and told me that I was hot and I laughed at him. I’m such a great social butterfly, lol. I can’t flirt with these crazy folks – my husband was at home graciously watching our child. Plus, I woke the poor hubby up when I rang the doorbell at almost 1:30am. I had gotten a ride home with a friend and had left my house keys in my van (at the bar). I was being SAFE ya’ll!

Saturday, we had to wake up early because a couple friends were coming over to help hubby put up fence posts. So, I woke up – got everyone coffee – played some Solitaire on the computer and promptly crashed on the couch. I was woken up about an hour later by my friend who was taking me to get my van from the bar.

The family and I went over to the same friends’ house and hung out with a ton of other friends during a Bar-B-Q …. Good food and friends. I love my life.

Today I want to just sit on my ass. Hubby – who slept until noon – has already crashed again on the couch. I have the air conditioning on – but it’s still pretty warm in here. I think I have a test tomorrow in Database – but there is no study guide posted or anything. Seriously – this class has been the worst class thus far. I think it’s simply because it’s completely unorganized; the teacher, not me. I’m doing the work. I’m not really retaining anything and I keep getting sucky grades on tests. Ugh … I will be lucky to get out of this class with a “C” I think. There goes my 3.8 gpa!


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