Massachusetts is the Place to Be!

Let me precede this blog post by stating that I think I am the LEAST homophobic person on the planet. Okay? This is reporting something important, just in a tongue-in-cheek manner. So be quiet and don’t get all “teh evil!!1111” on me, m’kay?

That said – I think, if you are gay – THE place to be is Massachusetts! Seriously! Wasn’t Massachusetts where they had legalized gay marriage? I do think so!

Well, I was surfing a gossip site (ya’ll know which of course) and apparently, Denise Simmons, who is Afro-American and a lesbian has just been elected mayor! She is the first openly gay black female to ever be elected into a mayoral position. She was preceded by Ken Reeves, who is also gay & black.

So, “the gays” have super support in Massachusetts – why not the rest of the US? Hrm?

Here’s the news story.

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