Man with a Shoe Fetish

My husband has WAY more shoes than I do – and I’m not lying at all here. I like shoes and all, but why do I need 200 pairs? I don’t. But he works out and travels to parts unknown and apparently needs a shoe for every occasion. He’s got his Sketchers for everyday, some nice brown loafers for "work casual" and of course his Coraframs (which I refer to as "chloroforms"). His most recent shoe fetish has been a brand called Merrell. Now, these shoes are nice and all (really comfy he says) but must he really have 4 pairs? He’s got two pairs of Merrell shoes, a pair of boots and even a pair of black flip flops.

All my shoes for the most part cost me less than $20, lol …. I think my most expensive shoes are Nine West and cost me $50 – and they are comfy and stable heels so they were worth it. I live in my black and pink running shoes from Wally (that I bought last year for a blog convention) and various colors of flip flops from Old Navy. What can I say, I’m a Florida girl. Who really needs shoes anyway?

This “shoe” thing is just another thing that cracks me up about my husband and I. Are there any other (straight) guys out there with this wacky shoe fetish?

Might I add that my husband does laundry and folds clothes way better than I do? He can also make the bed so nicely that you could literally bounce a quarter off of it. Thanks US Navy!


  1. LOL

    I was hoping you had picture proof of your hubby’s shoe addiction. That would have been something to see! I think my hubby has three pairs of shoes tops, compared to my… at least 50.

  2. No shoe fetish here…but like you, my shoes rarely cost more than $20 – heck, I got TWO large garbage bags full of shoes for free from Freecycle last week. Went through and my closet now has about 10 new pairs of shoes at NO cost. They were in excellent condition too!

    But my hubby can’t fold clothes, so I give kudos to your hubby and his shoe fetish, too!

    Linda’s last blog post..hmmmm….

  3. Ya know…If my feet were as pretty as yours, I might get away with pretty flipflops…but “I’m still a guy”!!!

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