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Okay now; anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows I am a HUGE music fan – I have been listening to “anything and everything” for pretty much my entire life (thanks Mom!) In fact, what seems like a million-internet years ago I used to have a music lyrics website; then I got lazy and decided to close it because I didn’t have the time to maintain it – especially when I started blogging! Plus, there are many many other avenues of obtaining music on the ‘net!

While doing my daily “scan” of the internet I came across a really cool website called www.991.com that promises to bring you rare cd’s and singles along with rare vinyl records and memorabilia (omg, yes, Vinyls!!). These items can fetch a pretty penny now; imagine … leafing through your mom’s old record collection and finding an original Sgt. Pepper record (mint, including the “poster” thing inside) and thinking … man, what a great album! Back in the 1980’s it wasn’t thought to be much, but that album is worth well over $300 now!

I’m sorta kicking myself because back in the mid-80’s my cousins lived across the street from Robi Rosa (either during or before “Menudo” fame). He also had a solo career and collaborated with former Menudo bandmate Ricky Martin on some of his big hits! Talk about a “connection” right? Alas … no autographs were asked for … But can you imagine?

I think about a band I know now (well, I know one of the singers actually – have since high school). I’ve got yearbooks with this person’s photo, photo’s of this person, not to mention I purchased their demo LP off their website when it came out (I also have a poster which I hope my friend will sign for me along with his band-mates). Imagine the garage band you followed in high school hitting it BIG (which I know they will) and years from now what original photos and LP’s would be worth? Maybe in 20 – 30 years I will find my friend’s music on 991.com!

One particular band I did a search for while on the website was Nirvana … I LOVE me some Nirvana! I have a lot of their stuff, including a couple rare ones. (I don’t plan on parting with them any time soon either!) I was really excited to see that 991.com had the 1998 vinyl release of “Nevermind” (you know, the album that single handedly ushered in the Grunge era?) What a cool find! 991.com also has the rare “Hormoaning” cd (6 tracks) that was sent to Japanese radio stations back in 1992. Very cool website – tons of variety; be sure to check it out!


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