– Like eBay for Free Stuff!

If you are poor like me or are just trying to stick to a budget then you NEED to check out! Listia is awesome because everything on the site being offered is offered for free. It seems similar to the book swapping website (that I am forgetting the name of right now) where you earn credits and ‘spend’ those earned credits on books. But Listia is an “auction” website for free stuff!

Everything on Listia is being given away by users for free. You can get items for free by using credits instead of cash. Each item is being auctioned off using those credits for bidding.

Listia also offers charity auctions and great ways to recycle things that you might otherwise throw away, such as old cell phones, vhs tapes, clothes, old TV. You may not be able to sell these items for cash, but you can recycle them by giving them away to someone who needs them!

A couple cool things I found on Listia while I was looking around included a gorgeous Papasan baby seat in great condition and lots of super cute clothes for kids. I also saw health & beauty products and a freaking awesome looking TwitterPeek mobile tweeting device (I’ve never even heard of that!!).

Listia is currently running a promotion where you can get 300 credits for free just by joining and listing an item.

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