Liberal Gunslingers Unite!

I went to the gun range with my hubby this past Friday to try out a .22 caliber. I’d previously shot a 9mm and had some issues with my wrist afterwards, so I figured a smaller caliber was the way to go. I shot a Ruger .22 and LOVED IT! I was able to keep my wrists locked and not have any pain after shooting and I was also able to stay zeroed in on the target better. All in all – a much better shoot!

So – at the gun show hubby picked me up a little “present” … a .22 Sig Sauer Mosquito and purchased for himself a Firestorm 380.

I plan on mostly using it at the range because I don’t have a concealed carry permit just yet. My friend Angie wants to get hers though and will probably go with her and get my own. The gun is light enough to carry though. I figure I can shoot an attacker in the “sweet spots” much quicker with a .22. The recoil alone from hubby’s “bigger guns” would get me in trouble.

So now we’ve got FOUR firearms at our house. Our two new ones join older siblings Glock-36 (.45) and Smith-Wesson Chief Special snub nose .38!

Time for a bigger gun safe!

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