Lesson for Today

yao- cartoon-multitasking

If you are taking a hybrid (half online and half in class) math class do NOT think that you can keep your three year old home with you and also "attend" online class. It’s absolutely completely impossible. COMPLETELY. I just didn’t want to drive out to my friends house again to drop Xander off – figured I was putting her out enough having him over there for two days while my normal (theoretically) "babysitter" is out of town. It will be easier next week for this hybrid class because my normal (again, theoretically) sitter is only a block away. So, I can drop Xander off and come home and spend the whole time on line working out problems.

But, for right now I might have to abandon all hope of getting any math done while I am the only one home with him. I might just hit the library or even the coffee house later on after hubby gets home. That way I can study in peace.

Other than schoolwork I’ve run a load of dishes so far this morning. I still have to:

  • Clean the living room
  • Unload/Put away dishes
  • Another load of dishes
  • Get dinner in the crockpot (Three Cheese Broccoli Cheese Soup & Garlic Knots)
  • Unload dryer
  • Load dryer
  • Run a load of laundry
  • Unload dryer | Load Dryer
  • Sort through about 200 emails in my inbox (omg!!??)

It’s a hefty list – but I have a Starbucks Frap by my side helping me out. I also have to do something with Xander to get him the hell off the damn Wii. Why did I buy that thing? WHY!? Oh yeah – I wanted it. Next time I decide to buy a new gaming system please remind me not to tell Xander and just like – hide it in my closet or something.

Bye ya’ll … cya later.

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