“Law of Deployments”

Law Number One: Anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong (as soon as your SO deployes).

I’m learning this really quickly now …. Yesterday, not even 2 hours after Alan left Xander dumped half a Starbucks coffee on my wireless keyboard, thus frying it. Today? My truck battery is dead. Dead! And the car? Well, Alan shoved it into the garage so you have to pull straight out. And of course I parked the truck right behind the car. And I can get the truck into neutral to back it up! So, I was planning on going to church this morning, and told Chaplain Rivers as such. So he called a couple minutes ago (I would assume to see where the heck I was) and I told him what happened. So after church he’s coming over to help me. Hope this doesn’t mean his whole family is coming into the house … The house is a mess … Of course …

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