Lack O’Blog

Yeah … I haven’t blogged in three days … alert the CIA!!! I’ve been playing online, reading fic, playing Nintendo with the Kid, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and .. er .. scanning old photos. I’ve been a busy bean I tell ya! Today I feel *deep breath* ACCOMPLISHED! I did a load of laundry, have to dry and fold it and PUT IT AWAY. I also did ALL the dishes and ran the dishwasher. I put away groceries. I cleaned up in the garage (trash, recycling, killing a HUGE spider) and also cleaned half the loft. I’ve been really wanting to get up there DONE go I can move some stuff out of the guest room / future baby room (hopefully) and get it cleaned out. I decided to use my dining room table (that I had replaced with something smaller) upstairs for crafting/scrapping and my giant ass printer and mac mini.

Xander is tired … he’s being a little obnoxious. Why? Because I finished the dishes and came online to blog. Again .. OMG!! Oh, he turned the Nintendo on again … oy … he spent exactly 36 seconds “crafting” so I guess he did his art for the day. We’ll work on some letters later – he was SO annoyed at me last night for making him draw an “X” a bunch of times – he just couldn’t get it. I have no idea how to teach him how to hold the pencil correctly – so I just keep setting his fingers up for him and he gets annoyed with my constant “use the pencil correctly, please” … Such is life!

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