Kicked that Term in the Balls!

This past term (in college) has been insane! I had one "easy" (and awesome, but very busy) class and one OMG WTF BBQ "Will I Even Pass" class. My "Will I Even Pass" class was Logic and Design (I’ve been tweeting about it for 5 weeks). Well, I got my grades back and managed to pull an "A" in the class – barely! My grade was a 90.?? % – awesome! Last class I had an 82%, but I guess the final project (with my friends Dorothy and Tabitha) kicked enough ass! Woo!!

I’m so excited, can you tell? I’ve never in my entire school ‘career’ had a 4.0 – ever. I’m just waiting for PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) to shoot me an email saying that I ROCK and they so want me for their club. My mama would be so proud 🙂

So, hopefully – the next two classes for this term (Networking I and Fundamentals of Customer Service) will be on the ‘easy’ side so I can finally get the two web projects (my portfolio and a revamp of my friends hair bow/accessories eshoppe) up and kicking some ass in their own right.

I figure if I finally get my portfolio up and running with actual photos/shots of what I can do I can actually find some freelance design work and make a little money. Money is SO tight right now and it would be nice to bring in some extra $$$.

Anyone moving to Jacksonville, Florida and need to rent a house?!

Sigh. At least my grades rock, right?

Thanks for all your support ~ as always!!


  1. WTF happened to the renters? I thought they were renewing the contract?

  2. Congrats for the 4.0 🙂 Portfolio’s help a lot in convincing potential clients that you can deliver. Normally I would just keep screenshots of the designs in portfolio.

  3. Way to go!!! I’ll tell my daughter about the house. She isn’t looking but may know of someone who is. Email me, please.

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