Kick Your Butt Into Gear!

Every single time I get on the scale I seriously want to kick it through the nearest window! But – that wouldn’t make my butt any smaller, it would just make a HUGE mess of glass that I would have to clean up and then pay to have the window replaced. Not a great idea. So, I think to myself – self – you need to NEED TO get off your butt and do something about how unhappy you are with your weight! So, I look online (where else?) to get ideas for how I will tackle this important project.

When we lived in Jacksonville a couple years ago and I actually had the money for the gym membership – the trainer I was working with taught me that it was way more than just weights or cardio. Sure they are both important but what you really need to do is to work strength, cardio and CORE. Core workouts strengthen and lengthen you and burn the fat and build the muscles more effectively. While looking for different workouts I came across a program called XFLOWSION. The website claims that there is nothing like it anywhere – okay, sure like I’ve never heard that before. But, its workouts utilize three top proven workouts (you know the no-nonsense “kick your ass into shape” type stuff) like power yoga, dance and martial arts. For me personally the only workouts that I’ve ever had any results from were based on martial arts (Billy Blanks baby!) and dance (Carmen Electra baby!). They work – and that’s it.

The XFlowsion workout dvd’s have been featured in magazines such as Shape, InStyle, and In Touch. This is the “hot workout” that a lot of celebrities such as Jessica Biel and “My Name is Earl” star Nadine Velazquez are using to keep their awesome figures!
If you don’t live in “Hollywood” you can still get a rockin’ bod. The system is available on the XFlowsion website and includes four DVD’s. Live in Hollywood, Calm Down Dog, Body Blast and Amazing Abs. “Xflowsion Live in Hollywood” has been called “… the strangest workout you’ll ever love …” in Shape Magazine. You can choose a 20, 40 or 80 – minute routine and will combine yoga positions, dancing and kicking and punching. The “Calm Down Dog” DVD is a yoga-based workout, “Body Blast” is the total body workout that focuses on toning, strength, and flexibility and finally, the “Amazing Abs” video is the high intensity core workout that includes standing and floor poses to really work that middle.

To me this sounds amazing. The videos are not at all expensive (especially if you pay attention to how expensive a lot of home video workout videos are) and they even have a 30-day money back guarantee. Start your usual “New Year’s Resolution” early this year – or well, if you are Jewish you are starting right on time! (L’shana tova!)


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