Just A Little Update

So, I picked up my Prozac prescription yesterday and took it – a few hours later I did feel a little crappy, but not nearly as bad as what the Zoloft did to me. Kept me awake for a couple extra hours though – but Alan let me sleep in this morning!

I’m a little embarrassed though because my Mom read my blog post from yesterday and her and Dad are driving up here (14 hours) to help Alan and I out. It’s awesome and I miss them, I just feel like an ass for needing them like this. They will be here this weekend.

Alan and I are going with some friends to get some dinner tonight as well as to the movies to see Grown Ups – that movie looks so funny and I could use that right now. Went with the girls to see Eclipse this past Wednesday too! Aside from the horrible wigs used in the movie it was pretty awesome. I love kick ass computer generated fight scenes!


  1. We took the family to see Grown Ups today and LOVED IT! I’ll do a review of it. lol It may be a little bit before I see Eclipse since we’re off to camp soon.

    I tried wellbutrin and it didn’t help much, gave me total shakes and I couldn’t sleep unless I took an ambien. Will look forward to hearing how you do with the good old prozac. I only gave it the one try, but I probably should give something else a try. It was just such a big miss on that first shot. After 8 weeks I could barely hold a cup to my mouth because the shakes were so bad. It was completely embarrassing 🙁
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  2. Andrea Woodard says:

    Have a good time with your folks. Don’t let Alan overdo. I will keep you all in my prayers. Love ya.


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