Jumping the Funk

Ever been in a funk? Like, you have a day (or days) where you just don’t want to do anything? A day (or days) where you just feel “meh” – which is to say, just totally indifferent? Not happy. Not sad, really. Just, meh?

Yeah, that was like ALL of November for me. The entire month. Sure there were a few days here and there that were lovely, but for the most part – for most of the month – I felt as though I was in a fog. “Going through the motions” I guess. I cooked for the family, took care of everyone – but my heart and brain were still wrapped up in my warm blankets in bed.

Not sure what caused it, but I’m feeling better(ish) now. I love December and the holidays. I love all the decorations and the music. I don’t love the hustle and bustle – but I have some chill pills for that. I love gift giving. I love smiles. Sometimes, I even love the cooler weather. Keep in mind, I am in Southern California now – so while it’s way cooler than Hawaii – it’s not “cold.”

Some of the things I want to focus on this month include self care, re-figuring out my goals (both personal and business) and drinking more water. I need better habits.

Oh yeah, and blogging more.

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