Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Have you figured out what you are getting your Mom this year for Mother’s Day? I mean this wonderful holiday is only a few days away – you must have thought of something by now!

Have you considered getting her some jewelry? Jewelry is beautiful, looks great with any outfit and most importantly … won’t die in a week (or less). Jewelry can fit into any budget and any style – so it’s a great gift for that “woman” (or you know – your “other dad”).

Check this out – GemzNGold is offering a beautiful little red jewelry box FREE with your jewelry purchase just until May 11th. Why not get your Mom some pretty earrings or a necklace to fill that sexy red jewelry box? They have every type of stone imaginable – so you can pick your birth stone, your child’s birth stone or just a favorite! Diamonds are always kind to us girls – so they work well as a gift!

My first Mother’s Day I received a beautiful garnet ring “handed” to me by my 4 month old baby boy – so cute! Now he’s a smart and handsome four year old who makes me pictures and French toast (with Daddy’s help) for Mother’s Day!

So, what will your Mom be getting this year?


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