IzeaFest – Thursday Night

(Lisa and I before the party)

Tonight was the party night to kick off Izea Fest! It was held at the Grand Bohemian Hotel and WOW what a HOTEL it was! Very Moulin Rouge feeling … I guess that’s the point though, huh? Anyway … open bar almost the entire time (darn 10 o’clock curfew – Heather and I were very much still raring to go on drinking!) and lots and lots of people to meet. Finally met Ted (and did a shot with him too) and Pete (what an accent!) and also Carrie and Pricillia. All of them were awesome and really really nice. Also met Lisa at the airport (I picked her up and we’re roomies this trip) and also met Drew, Allison, Ally, Marisa, Cass, Colleen, Heather and Heather’s daughter Crystal. I met a ton of other people but names are seriously escaping me right now. It’s late, I’m uploading photos to Flickr and I drank a rum & coke, two apple martini’s, one cosmo and one mojito. I’m a little done for tonight. Tomorrow – the conference (i.e. the LEARNING begins!!)


  1. Have a great time!

    Karen’s last blog post..Four Foods on Friday #46

  2. I forgot to say, “Terrific picture of you two!” You look so different in every picture I see of you.

    Karen’s last blog post..Four Foods on Friday #46

  3. You both look so beautiful! I SO wish I was there. Next year if I’m able to go? I hope you do too so we can have a *few* drinks together 🙂

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