I’ve Got the Yucks Today

Last night around 1:30am I woke up with the single most awful acid reflux I’ve ever had. What the hell did I eat yesterday!? Nothing really “weird” although I did try the new steak melty thing at Taco Bell. Yeah, peppers and onions … betcha that’s what did it! I feel less acidy today, but my stomach is tender. I feel super nauseaous also, no fun since I have a ton to do. My goal today was to detail clean the kitchen so that I could get started on the Princess Cake I’ll be bringing to a pot luck tomorrow.

Xander is being a booger today (hey, whats new?). He was playing with his trains on the floor in the living room, decided he was done and started to walk away – I said to him “put them back in the box please and put the box away” – he does so and I say “now put the box back in your room under the tv on the shelf” – he gives me a dirty look and walks away with the box. I hear a crash and he starts calling from from his bedroom across the house (sigh …) I go in and of course the box is dumped on the floor and he does to put the EMPTY box under the tv on the shelf (sigh). I said, “stay in your room until this is cleaned up” and he of course throws a tantrum. He came out and I said “did you pick it all up?” – “No” – I told him to get back in there and clean. Tantrum ensues, he gets a spanking and I literally follow him back to his room and shut the door. He screams and cries for awhile – but then he stops and comes out here and says “Okay Mama, it’s all done” and I go in and check and sure enough it’s all done.

Now, why the hell does he have to throw a damn tantrum when cleaning up took 2 minutes? Sheesh!


  1. I’m sorry about the “yucks”, but I love love LOVE your new header design! Love it!!! did I mention I love it? 😛

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