iTunes Makes Me Happy

My son refuses to go to sleep tonight – he just called me into his room to say that he was thankful for the Pokemon poster he got for his birthday. Last year. Now, while I am thankful for his thankfulness – this is not the time to express said thankfulness. It’s time for SLEEP! Sigh … I really hate when hubby goes away. Xander gets incredibly ornery when he’s away. Expected – but still aggravating. So – I’ve got my headphones plugged into my iTunes listening to some happy-go-lucky music. Music makes me happy. I am also coding a book website for my internship.

Saturday night some friends and I went out and it seriously couldn’t have been better (unless my hubby was there of course). First we hit up Shogun where we had the whitest (well – only non-Japanese) chef in the place. He was funny (like comedian-funny) but pushed the envelope often. His name was “Petey” and performs at the local Cinema Cafe (apparently – the same one my friend Tabitha works at). Great food – great drinks.

Then we headed over to The Clubhouse which is a local (dive) bar here in VBeach. I love that place! Super nice people, cheap drinks and karaoke! I always get up to sing (to my friends’ chagrin of course) – Saturday I did several songs. Some good – some definitely NOT good, lol. I sang “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry, “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, “Come Together” by The Beatles, “Sin Wagon” by the Dixie Chicks and a couple others that I can’t remember. I got pretty smashed … Jack Daniel’s was my good friend that night! I barely spent any money though – only ordered 2 drinks from the bar and had some drinks out by the car (bad!) so I don’t even need an IVA or anything! On my way to becoming debt free one drink at a time!

Xander was safe and cared for over at Angie’s house (we hire one babysitter for the kids) and I slept there as well. See – aside from the drunken debauchery I’m a good Mama! 😉

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