It’s Just Sunday

My dad and I are getting way too much screentime here! It’s high time I put something else up! Today is Sunday. I stayed in bed until way after 12pm and I’m not ashamed! I’ve got lunch on the table for my family, I’ve got dishes running in the dishwasher and my hubby threw a new load of laundry into the washing machine. So stuff is getting DONE!

Alan, Xander and I along with some friends went to Busch Garden’s Christmas Town last night.

In the England section of the park there is “A Sesame Street Christmas,” where Abby Cadabby learns the meaning of Christmas. Sesame Street residents spread holiday cheer as they share their fondest memories of favorite Christmas traditions. We unfortunately missed that show but I’ve heard from other friends that it was super cute! I mean c’mon – Abby Cadabby is SUPER cute!

Over in the Ireland section of the park we got to listen to Irish musicians play traditional Celtic Christmas classics. We also took Xander on the “Corkscrew Hill” ride which he LOVED. He was a little short last time we came – but we got on this time with no issues. It didn’t hurt that it seemed that the ride handlers were incredibly unorganized. The ride made me so nauseous though – it’s way better for the younger crowd!

We saw a HUGE line forming for a performance at the Abbey Stone Theatre called “Rejoice,” an emotional Christmas performance told through moving imagery, choral harmonies and a full, live orchestra. The line was insane though so we bypassed it.

In Germany we watched a huge beautiful Christmas tree light up to music and made our way into the overly crowded Festhaus for some dinner. The menu is a little different for Christmas Town – so make sure you check it out. You can also order some meal tickets and save a little cash. The show performed in the Festhaus is “Deck the Halls” and is a great show with live singers and dancers performing holiday music. The performances there are always great and we enjoyed watching it.

My friend and I rode Griffin in the freezing cold and he had the awesome idea to cover his face with his hat. Apparently, he stayed relatively warm during the ride while I froze my face off. It was SO awesome and SO worth it. The ride is exactly like the SheiKra down at the Tampa Busch Gardens which I rode back in October.

Here is a video I found on YouTube showing the awesomeness that is the Griffin:

Make sure if you go you get some of the awesome hot chocolate they sell. We purchased (for around $5) a cute little branded mug that we could refill for only $0.99. The hot chocolate I got was a nummy peppermint flavor! The penguins were a bit of a let down (Polar Path) because the line was so long (almost a 1/2 hour) and you walk thru the area to see lots of cute non-live penguins then see two live penguins. (yay). Seeing the snow in both the France and Germany sections was awesome though!

Christmas Town opens at Busch Gardens on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3 – 10 p.m. beginning Nov. 27. The park will open each evening Dec. 18 – 27, excluding Christmas Day. Some sections of the park will remain closed for the season, and some rides and attractions are weather dependent.

Christmas Town admission tickets are available for $19.95. Guests with active Busch Gardens passes save 50 percent on Christmas Town tickets as well as free parking and in-park discounts.

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