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All the “controversy” surrounding the new movie “Tropic Thunder” has me cracking up a little bit. I didn’t really know exactly what people were complaining about, so I did a little looking around on YouTube and found out. Apparently, the entire issue isn’t with Robert Downey Jr (a white guy) playing a black character (complete with makeup) – oh no, it’s with a “movie within a movie” called “Simple Jack” that contains the tagline “once upon a time … there was a retard.” The movie (“Simple Jack”) was a movie that Ben Stiller’s character “Tugg Speedman” shot before he went to work on “Tropic Thunder” (or I’d assume since I’ve yet to see the movie).

The assumed premise of the “retard” thing was that actors in Hollywood will do ANYTHING to get that Oscar nod – even play a mentally handicapped person to the absolute extreme. It’s stereotyping sure, but that’s the point here – Robert Downy Jr.’s character plays a black guy because he’s wants to be memorable – and to potentially (hopefully?) get an award.

Ben Stiller meant no harm to people with forms of handicap; the point was to show how Hollywood is notorious for feeding stereotypes. That’s all. So before you freak out and call foul why not open your mind a little wider and see that this is not an “attack” it’s merely making a point.

I will be seeing this movie – I find Ben Stiller funny and I usually like his movies.

Check out this video – it talks about the controversy.

I don’t know why people get so offended by words. It’s a word that was used … same as the “n” word … it’s just a word! But then again, it takes a LOT to offend me …


  1. I agree with you 100%. The way I see it someone’s got to make a fuss about something, so it’s makes sense that people are making a big deal with this. It’s right up there with political correctness and all that jazz. How many people would have actually even noticed what the tagline says if someone hadn’t gone out of their way to point it out and bitch about it?

    I will definitely be watching the movie, and I’ll probably be laughing my a$$ off the whole time.

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  2. I don’t know…it’s more about why it’s being used (the “story within a story” didn’t need to be told in order for Hollywood to poke fun at itself), and the fact that the word was used over and over and over and over. And the n word was not used in it…nor was it put into the script.

    While I agree that it’s only a word, it’s a hurtful and hateful word…and I suppose that when we don’t have kids affected by disabilities, we don’t get offended by it. I know I was one that used it all the time…then I got to know many people whose children have disabilities…and to put that ‘label’ on a child who can not defend who they are and how they were born.

    If it were Xander, could you honestly and really just let it roll? The love of your life? The boy you gave birth to, suffered pain of labor…the kid you’d throw yourself in front of a bus for….if someone labeled him, would you say it’s just a word? Or would you tell that person he/she was ignorant and it was an ugly word to use?

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  3. and on a totally different topic…your link love thing didn’t pull up my most recent post, lol! I’ve posted 2 other things since that yardsale one….weird!

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  4. Totally agree. It’s humor people, it’s not like they have a REAL handicap person and are calling them retard. Maybe that has no point, but still. I bet it will be hilarious.

    Now if I could only get out of this house to see a movie…..

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