It’s Always Here to Come Back To

My blog, that is. It’s always here when I need to come back and write, but it never chastises me for leaving in the first place. It’s a space for me to clear my head of all the static and just let the words flow out onto “paper” (rather, screen). I’ve had this domain name – Starryskye – since 2000 and it’s become something way more advanced than I had ever imagined while I was typing out simple HTML code into my Frontpage 2000 install.

I think it’s time for me to treat this blog as my friend and ally again. To channel my creativity and actually make my brain function more often – instead of just “going through the motions” of life like I have been lately.

Hence – the simple layout. It won’t last long, because I’ve always got to have some wild “pops” of color going on (in fact, as I write this my hair is shocking pink colored).

I think I need to find time to breathe. This is why I am still awake (and writing) at midnight. It’s quiet with the exception of the low sounds of “The Civil Wars” playing off my iPhone. The air conditioner is blowing. The children are asleep. The husband is away. It’s just me and my computer. Thoughts becoming words.

It’s rather nice sometimes.

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