It’s A Blu World Baby!

BluWorld 3I’ve blogged about BluFrog energy drink before on Atomic-Mama but I figured I would post about it here also since there is a HUGE contest going on over on the Blu Frog website. It’s called “It’s A Blu World” contest and the grand prize is a either a trip to one of four places or an awesome gaming package (X-Box 360 baby!). I would personally love the gaming package since the trips are for “two” and I would have to worry about what to do with Xander – although, my Mom keeps begging me to send him down to Florida to visit her. So, I guess if I could win a trip I would pick the trip to Lollapalooza in Chicago!

It’s really easy to enter – you get three entries. First, you can place a comment on the It’s a Blu World contest page – don’t forget to share within your comment which experience you want to win and why. Second, you can use Twitter to tweet out why Blu Frog is better in 140 characters or less. You must include #bluworld and in your tweet to be registered for the contest. Finally, you can write a blog post about the contest and which experience or prize you would choose if you won. You must leave a comment on the contest page along with the URL of your post if the trackback doesn’t appear.

See? Simple! Now go enter … I did! Now, remember – tweet to win and Don’t Lick the Can Man…


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