Introducing … Juliana Rose


Only two months late 😉

Juliana Rose graced us with her appearance on November 4th 2010 @ 6:05pm. She weighed in at a whopping 5lbs 8oz and was 18 inches long!

I was induced a little less than a week early “officially” due to Gestational Diabetes (which can make baby too big to be born without a cesarean section). But really – I begged my doctor. I mean, begged.

Checked into hospital around 8am on the 4th and was hooked up to the IV and given Pitocin around 9am. Contractions began shortly thereafter but they weren’t painful at all. In fact, I spent most of the morning playing around on Facebook.

Doctor came in around 1pm to break my water and insert some internal monitor to keep track of the contractions. The contractions became more painful – but they were nothing that I couldn’t really focus and breath through (my focus-point was a green “molly” that was in the wall across from my bed!)

The internal monitor became really super annoying for me and I decided that I should go ahead and get an epidural because of it (and the fact that I knew the contractions would get super painful really soon). The anesthesiologist came in and tried putting in the epidural but was having a hard time with it. Kept sending shocks down my back when she hit nerves. It was becoming really difficult to breathe through the contractions because the epidural was stealing my focus. I was losing it by this time and crying on Alan’s chest (he was supporting me when I was getting my epidural because the nurse that was trying to was about 107 years old and I really didn’t trust her to hold me).

I asked for (demanded?) something else for the pain and was given some Nubain. Once that began to make me loopy another anesthesiologist came in and successfully put in my epidural. Life was WAY better once I had that epidural! At this point I was dilated to 3cm (went into hospital at around 2cm).

The nurse checked me again in a couple hours (around 4pm) and I was already dilated to 6-7cm (wow – that went fast!)

The doctor came in at 6pm and said “Okay – you are fully dilated! Let’s have a baby!” and had me start pushing when I felt a contraction. Of course – I only felt a little bit of the contraction due to my super-awesome epidural! I still remembered “how” to push though and did just that. Five pushes (maybe) and five minutes later – at 6:05pm Juliana was born!


This labor was SO much easier than my 20+ hours labor with Xander. Way less pain also. Her apgar scores were 8/9 and only had a little jaundice a couple days later. The jaundice was gone pretty quickly though. When we left the hospital her weight was 5lbs 2oz but at her first doctors appointment she was back up to 5lbs 6oz.

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