Introducing … A New PayPerPost!

Thanks to my friend (and Izea Insider) Lisa I got an Alpha code to try out the new PayPerPost v4.0! I’m excited because it’s completely different from the old PPP – a total revamp of the system. This version of PayPerPost REQUIRES disclosure – meaning – you have to share the fact that you are being paid to post. No more “shady” dealings that make the Google-Gods frown.


The way it works is this. You sign up for the new PPPv4 (right now it’s alpha testing only) and you add in what blogs you would like in the system. For me – I added this blog, Starryskye, along with my parenting blog Then you wait for opportunities (“opps”) to come to you! No more quick finger CAPCHA’s and trying to snag the higher paying posts on the old PPP. No way – this time you are handpicked for opps! That makes me feel like when I get an opportunity – the advertiser really wants ME to write for them. It’s not like – “ooh there’s a nice opp!” and you click the opp and do the (annoying) CAPCHA only to find out … someone beat you to it. No opp for you! The “old” was is so disheartening. This way – I feel – is much, much better.

Here is what is written on the website:

Bloggers are free to write or say whatever they want. PayPerPost has no restrictions on how bloggers express their genuine thoughts on an advertiser’s product or service. PayPerPost will neither withhold payment based on a negative conversation, nor do we allow advertisers to force bloggers to edit their post to remove critical statements, ever.

I’m sure there will be more information posted as time goes by. I am especially looking forward to learning more at IzeaFest this year (will YOU be there?!). This is something new and completely different – and I am so proud to be a part of the alpha testing! If you would like an alpha-code so you can try out this awesome new system be sure to visit the official Izea blog and leave a comment!

You can follow PayPerPost on Twitter @PayPerPost

You can follow ME on Twitter @Starryskye81

This was a paid opportunity from PPP v4 – it is however, a REAL opinion!

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