In A Daze

I seriously NEED to get my shit together. I’m SO unorganized since we moved! We’re getting boxes unpacked, but since I am a fiend for recycling the boxes are all over the place along with the paper crammed in bags ready for Freecycle (my email hasn’t gone thru yet, curious). They need to go outside but it looks like it is going to rain today. My weather widget says it’s just cloudy today, tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. Someone come get these boxes!!!

I want to get the dining room and the living room and the kitchen completely DONE today!! I’m so tired of navigating boxes and junk. The bedroom can wait, it’s just us. The loft and the guestroom need to be finished. I need to get the guestroom done so I can get up my sewing machine and get the 3 bags that I have to get done, DONE.

Add that to the fact that I need to meal plan and grocery shop. I’m a mess.

Please send me “get off your ass” vibes!!


  1. Minimalist decoration is key. Remember: boxes make excellent chairs, tables, and cubist sculptures. Let the superglue become your best friend.

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