I’m Not A Celebrity … I’m Not Going Anywhere

I’m slowly getting sucked in to “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here” – just because I heart Janice Dickenson. Oops … show was just interrupted – we’re under a severe thunderstorm warning and even a tornado warning. Yay … I’ll be sure to hit the deck (i.e. the “bathroom”) if I hear a train coming.

I’ve been really busy lately – which is why I haven’t been blogging much. I’ve had a lot of work to do for my digital imaging class this term. It’s an “easy” class – but it’s extremely time consuming. Plus, I’ve been working on a couple blog reDesigns so that’s been taking up some time. The freaking house is a wreck though, as is my mind because I forgot to take my pill for two days now. GOTTA take it tonight – otherwise I might take someone out … and I don’t mean for dinner 😉

Went to the mall and met up with some friends tonight. I left the kiddo in the play area w/a couple friends and took my friend Angie for a walk-about. We looked at the puppies in the pet store and went into Hot Topic where she talked me into buying a cool Harry Potter sweat-shirt. I think she needed some retail therapy … but I had to pay for it, lol. With a July release date I’m not sure going to the movie premiere in a sweater (the one I wore for Halloween) is a smart idea. The one I bought tonight is much lighter – and it FITS which is amazing for Hot Topic clothes.

Alan is on a business trip – so keep him in your thoughts, okay? Thanks 🙂

Oh hey – made this in class today … not my “best” work but it came out okay. Love the top with all the hair bands blended together! I love me some Brett Michaels 😉 Click on it to see a bigger copy.


I updated my portfolio also – be sure to check it out!

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