I’ll Miss You Harry!

Well – that’s it folks! There are no more Harry Potter movies after this last one. The “good” people won. The story is over.

It’s over …

I feel like I did after Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended. Wistful perhaps? A little sad for “the end” but happy how it ended. A big part of mine (and a lot of other people’s) life has been this amazing story. A boy wizard and his best friends saving the wizarding (and muggle) world from a nasty snake-face named Voldemort. It was way more than “a story about a wizard who uses magic” as a lot of those Christian-types who wanted to ban the books thought. It was about friendship, loyalty, standing up for yourself and what you believe in,  learning about others, doing your best … good versus bad.

The Harry Potter series is something that I will share with my children. I hope you share them with your children also!

I’m not going to “review” the movie here – I will just say it was an amazing, fantastic, BRILLIANT ending to an awesome series of movies. This one was HANDS DOWN the best. Well – I could “this one” as “part one + part two” because they BOTH were amazing. But this one? This last one? Was pretty awesome on it’s own. Snape and Lily? Baby Harry? Kings Cross/Heaven? The ‘Epilogue’?

I felt like I was on the top of a roller coaster waiting for the first drop during the ENTIRE movie. It was that good.

Oh – check out my new desktop (click for larger):


I can’t take credit for the screen-caps – I found them via my friend’s Tumblr blog. But it makes my heart flutter. I love you Harry Potter! Oh and Hermione and Ron too!

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