I Think I Need a Reality Check – Or a Lobotomy

So, a patient on American Horror Story: Asylum got a lobotomy which turned her personality from post-partum psychotic disassociative disordered nut job to happy-go-lucky (yet creepy Stepford Wife-like) housewife. I though for a second there that – perhaps I could benefit from this incredibly invasive procedure.

Or I’d end up like Babydoll from Sucker Punch.

I’m in a funk here in this BEAUTIFUL land of palm trees and sunshine. My house is a damn mess. I’ve always had issues keeping my home clean but now I’ve come to the conclusion that it REALLY BOTHERS ME.

I don’t LIKE being an potential cast-member onĀ Hoarders.

My friends have busted ASS helping me clean. My family? Not to much.

Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary. For TEN YEARS I’ve been married to my handsome high-school sweetheart. I have two beautiful kids.

But – I’m done being the designated driver in this family. I cannot and WILL NOT maintain the home, deal with meal planning and cooking and stay on top of education and entertainment for my kids by MYSELF.

Maybe if I essentially ‘call him out’ in public it will motivate him to help me more?



  1. Housework is such a damn uphill battle. I’m all for hiring help for the heavy cleaning though I’ve never done it myself.

    • I think if I finally get RID of accumulated stuff junk I’ll be able to get a hold on this cleaning thing. Now, if only my husband and kids would help – then it would be easy peasy!

  2. Housework is stupid. If you clean today it will still be dirty tomorrow. Go out and enjoy your family and just do enough to keep the health dept out šŸ˜‰

    That said, you are probably in a phase. Let him know where you are at. You just moved to a new place. Have you two gone on any dates yet?

    I’ve been with my high school sweetie 23 years now, married 18. I’ve put this guy through so many phases roflmbo I told him last year that he should have taken a hint of my housecleaning from what my parents house looked like. I won with that argument! I’m better than my Mom lol

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