I Love the Java

Seriously. I cannot function anymore without a nice BIG dose of caffeine in the morning. This morning my drink du jour is Java Monster. I take a SIP and my eyes open – it’s certainly worth the $2 I spend per can (!) … Unfortunetly, it’s my last can … so I need to head over to Sam’s Club and get a mega pack. It’s nice to have on hand when I can’t sleep and my Boogie-man gets up at the crack of dawn and jumps on my head.

Yesterday was ROUGH. He is so pissed about the fact that Alan is away again. He’s hyper, grouchy and asks questions every couple seconds over and over and over again. Yes, he’s at THAT age now … Arg! I try to keep him busy, but honestly there are times where I just want to sit on the couch for awhile or maybe even clean the house. I simply cannot give him 100% of my attention 100% of the day. Sorry kid, it ain’t happening.

Okay, so before I sell this kid on eBay – I’m going to a friends house to work on her website (um, with Xander).

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