I Love My Dentist

Okay, you don’t hear that often – I mean that someone actually likes their dentist – but really, I do. I asked friends where they go for dentistry in Virginia Beach and my friend Melissa takes her kids to Dr. Bredologos and has been for years. When I called to make my own appointment (well – one for me and also my seven year old as well) we were assigned Dr. Mendrinos (who is actually the sister of Dr. Bredologos!)

My first appointment – the first cleaning I’ve had in over 5 years – took forever. I don’t take care of my teeth like I should and the poor hygienist had to scrape the hell out of my teeth. She chatted with me while she worked and was super nice. I realized though that I had been gripping the seat handles the entire time.

The next visit was a cavity fill – a BIG one – and I was so incredibly amped up and nervous. The last time I had work done on my teeth was my wisdom teeth removal and it was hell! It hurt – everything hurt – even the giant needle they used to numb me up. I even screamed during the appointment because I was absolutely FREAKING OUT! But – as soon as Dr. Mendrinos began to talk to me about my nervousness it went out the window. I was worried I’d flip out and asked her if I could have “the gas” and she said she didn’t think I’d need it but if at ANY time during the procedure I felt that I was losing it she’d give it to me. I barely felt her numbing my mouth and didn’t feel anything during the procedure. Between Dr. Mendrinos and her hygienist talking to me during the procedure – I was completely calm.

They is a relaxing aura about the place. I’ve never EVER felt that at any dentist office. I’m seriously going to miss them once we move to Hawaii and I have to find a new dentist!

Hey – I wasn’t paid ANYTHING or even asked to write this. I just wanted to! Just letting you know!


  1. Andrea Woodard says:

    Maybe you could plan a trip around dentist appointments and continue to see them while you are in Hawaii.
    When I was little I had a favorite dentist, but he died and I haven’t found another one like him yet. I know where you are coming from. I hate DENTISTS!

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