I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes

Adobix "InDesign Girl"

Get it? The song by "M.I.A”? I’ve been MIA lately – so I figured I would make a funny joke. But anyway … I’ve been ridiculously busy with school these past couple months, thus the lack of blogging.

This term especially is kicking my ass – I have a Flash/Action Script class and a Systems Analysis class. The S.A. class is worse than the Flash class due to the insane amount of work the teacher assigns. Plus – the teacher has a really thick Russian (?) accent so she is incredibly hard to understand. Most of the time I end up zoning out and working on classwork and homework while she lectures. Otherwise I spend my time trying to understand her and getting more and more ticked as the class time rolls on.

Another hang up last week was the passing of my husband’s Grandmother. She was sick for a long time and was old but it was still sad. Alan spent a lot of time up in New Jersey spending time with Grandma and helping his uncle pack Grandma’s house away. Both Alan and his uncle were there with her, holding her hands while she passed. The funeral was held March 14th and we laid Grandma to rest with a lot of other family in the Brotherhood Cemetery in Woodbine, New Jersey.

Hopefully, in another week or so I will be able to have some time to myself (along with some time to blog). I miss it – blogging is a nice outlet for me. Lord knows I need an “outlet” right now!

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