I Abhor Being A Girl

I know, I know … all of you are like GOSH girl – do you ever talk about anything but your fat butt and your acne?? Well, okay … so, no I don’t. But – it’s a big issue around these parts (being, the land of Christine y’know). However, I am happy to report two items: 1) Biggest Loser is on and I’ve got it DVRing and 2) I’ve been using a mineral makeup that actually works! So, my self esteem is going up a little more because well, the people on the show are much bigger than me (bad Christine!) but – they MOTIVATE ME to get off my ass! I always seem to lose weight while the season is running. I just wish sometimes that Jillian were here to yell at me personally. I can pretend though right?

The other thing is the makeup. I’ve realized that my “happy pills” aren’t damn working right and any and every scab I find I pick (yes, gross – but I’m all for disclosure here). I guess it’s a nervous tick. But, when I have makeup on I tend to pick less – I don’t know why. I actually think I look okay when I’ve got my contacts slapped into my eyeballs and makeup on. Call me “high maintenance” but it helps.

Do you have depression and/or anxiety? Think about some “ticks” that you might have and please share them with me. You can leave it in a comment or even send me an email. I won’t share it if you don’t want me to, okay? Also – PLEASE let me know of where I can find more information on “happy pills” – I currently take Zoloft and have taken Cymbalta in the past. Took myself off Cymbalta when I got pregnant and I hope to get pregnant again soon so I don’t want to go back onto it (although it WORKED). Thanks everyone!


  1. I’ve suffered from depression for a number of years (I’m counting about 15 now). Meds help, but I’ve been on a few and they just start making me feel icky after awhile. I’m not really sure what my ticks are when I’m in the throes of it all. I am just generally tired all the time…and I get really achy in certain places…my neck and right wrist and shoulder most times….maybe the pain is my tick? I know I tend to eat MORE when I’m depressed…wish I had the opposite…sigh.

    Like you, it does help to do things to make yourself feel better. I try to make myself look good, because looking good DOES make you feel better!

  2. Remember: Being a girl beats the alternative by a mile.

    I took Zoloft for around four years. It help wonderfully for a long time. I took Wellbutrin for a while. It was much more helpful the the motivation department then Zoloft. Right now, I’ve been off meds for almost two years. I fully expect to need them again at some point in my life. Depression and anxiety and depression are not the kind of problems that get “cured”

    Have you had any therapy? Cogitative Behavioral Therapy is what really changed my life. It focuses on day to day life and how to think differently. It’s like learning a tool kit to help keep the depression at bay. It’s not a substitute for medication, but with meds it help so much.

  3. I have often volunteered to help motivate your workouts, I bet I could give Jillian a run for her money, but would probably need to buy a new couch as ours is not that comfy to sleep on 😉

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