Huh What?

Seriously? It’s been a night …

Just found out that one of my close friends is living in a homeless shelter. I’ve saved his ass a bunch of times now – given him a car – etc and I just can’t save him anymore. I want to. I can’t.

Am watching a vblog from someone close to me basically trashing everything I believe in. It’s not common sense – it’s bigotry and close-mindedness. I’m so tired of being judged – even indirectly – by close-minded Christians.

I read another post from a Facebook friend talking about love being the basis of Christianity.

So why can’t we accept that “gay people” are people – people who LOVE other people.

Let’s stop worrying that the world is ending. Let’s stop freaking trying to convert and judge people. Let’s just live as well as we can and take care of our own. Our OWN.

Obama has done more than just get his kids a dog. He had the cajones to get off his ass – send in the “Best of the Best” and go shoot the shit outta some pirates. I’m sure that he will do it again until those pirates stop.

And BTW – Afghanistan was where this “war” began. I believe in the war in Afghanistan. Not the war in Iraq. I SUPPORT THIS PRESIDENT!

I’m depressed. Why do I watch this shit?


  1. WHAT?! Saddam Hussein didn’t bomb the world trade center? What are you trying to tell me?! You must be a liar cause I’m pretty sure it says in the bible that he did, cause Bush said so and he is in the bible as well.

    I am so tired of ignorance. No hiding behind religion. Research everyone, research cures ignorance!

    It made me so angry when republicans started talking about they didn’t think Obama had the ball’s to kill the pirates. WOW, do they think all of us democrats are against taking out the bad guys? GIVE ME A BREAK. I’m a total democrat and am ALL FOR the death penalty.

    Ok, I’m getting on a huge soapbox, sorry. lmao But it all boils down to ignorance and research.

    Val’s last blog post..31 day challenge

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