Hot Mess in a Dress

Tonight due to the fact that one of our Mom’s Group mama’s – Mindy – is leaving us for greener pastures (er .. Rhode Island) we had a Girls Night Out! First a bunch of us went to dinner at this great little Italian place called “Boulevard Pizza & Italian Eatery” where we all had our fill of great food. I ordered something called Chicken Maco (?) and seriously only could eat about half of it! It was soooo good though. Nice little place – will have to go back with the family soon.

Next up the Mom’s formed a caravan of mini-vans and drove over to the new bar in town – Diesel – which is dubbed a “rock and country” bar complete with a mechanical bull. The place was kinda lame though. First off – I think we were the oldest people there but also the dj was lame and played some stupid line dance song for around 15 minutes straight if not longer. Then they only played a couple ‘rock’ or ‘country’ songs. I don’t care much because I like any music really, but …. bleh. The girls running around the bar looked like such skanks too – I was afraid a couple of them were gonna get their freak on right there on the dance floor.  Between them and the two hot messes who I actually think worked there there was plenty of ‘ho’ to go around. Mind you this is like 10pm on a Thursday. Lots of completely shit-faced young ho-ho’s …. seriously not my gig. Next time we should hit up the bar on Holland and Shipps corner instead .. much smaller but older crowd, better music and cheaper beverages.

But – we had a good time and I was happy to hang out with my girls tonight.

We even got Erica to go to a bar! Hee hee!!

More pics to come … I was the first to upload (I’ve got video also! mwa ha ha!)

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