Hoarder In Training

I’m honestly glad that shows like “Hoarders” is on the television. Not because it makes me feel better than there are people messier that I – but that is the person I could become if I keep acquiring stuff and not getting rid of other stuff.

An episode I watched the other night featured a mother who had SO MUCH LAUNDRY that she had lost track of it and it took over $300 to clean it at the laundromat. I guess that instead of just doing it all and putting it away or getting rid of excess she just bought more. This struck a chord with me because sometimes I’m guilty of doing this. We have a LOT of clothes in the house – and it’s hard to keep up with because there is just so much. The answer is simply to purge it and get rid of old stuff we don’t wear.

It’s hard to get rid of baby clothes – “Oh I remember when Xander wore this!” or “Oh, I got this cute dress from so-and-so and need to save it and give it to someone else (and not just dump it at the thrift store) …”

I really infuriate myself. As I look to my left the couch is COVERED in clean clothes (some folded, some not), a couple backpacks, some pillows, paperwork and other random stuff.

The kitchen sink is filled with dishes. The kitchen counter next to the sink is filled with dishes (some clean, some not). The stove is covered with stuff.

I won’t even go into details about our garage. I’ll just say it resembles the “Room of Requirement” in the Harry Potter series.

I’m working on it. I really promise I am.


  1. I watched a couple seasons of Hoarders for the same reason. I do, however, make a distinction between hoarders with an unsafe amount of stuff and clutter vs. those with expired food, dead animals and other filth. I can’t imagine you or me becoming one of the second category folks.

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