His Last Chapter

My beautiful, sweet ginger-kitty Skippy is in the final stages of Feline Leukemia. His sickness came on so fast that we really weren’t prepared to deal with it emotionally (I mean all of us – the whole family). One day he was fine and the next he was hiding out behind the television. We had to force him to eat and drink and doing that he was only taking a bite or two. Just two days later he was hiding out all day in my bathroom. I’d bring him out to use the litter box and he’d wander right back into the bathroom.

Brought him to the vet on Tuesday (this had been the first chance since he began acting weird the past Friday) and they took blood and ran tests. The vet said that he could tell he was severely anemic and was guessing it could be the Leukemia or a bug causing it. He prescribed Doxycycline just in case it in fact was some sort of bug and I spent the next day fighting with Skippy trying to find ways to get the medicine into him. He wasn’t having it.

Got his test results back yesterday morning and they weren’t good. He barely has any blood (anemia) and his red and white blood cells are off the charts (by a LONG shot). It’s bad. The Vet was pretty sure by this time that it was Leukemia – so we said go ahead and do the actual Leukemia/AIDS test and see. Positive.

As soon as I heard it was “potentially” bad (because you know doctors won’t be negative unless it’s really, really bad) I began to mentally prepare (i.e. completely break down). How would I tell Xander? Would we consider putting Skippy through the blood transfusions and chemotherapy just to prolong the inevitable?

I decided to just be honest with Xander. I was visibly upset but had to let him know why. I told him that Skippy was extremely sick (which he knew) and the Vet didn’t think he would make it. Skippy would soon be heading to Heaven to be with God.


Xander understood but was obviously heartbroken. He’s worried about Skippy. He wanted to make sure that we had enough photos of him so that we could remember him. I swear – five year olds are amazing. He’s taking it much better than I am. He checks on Skippy every few minutes and gives him a scratch on the head (to which Skippy gives a “meow”) and makes sure his water bowl is full. I am doing the same thing though because I am so scared of the one time Xand goes in there and Skippy is no longer with us.

I’m giving it another day or so – I guess I am in denial here thinking he will miraculously get better. I compare it to my miscarriage last year. You know it’s “over” so why prolong it? But – it hurts too much to just “pull the plug” on it.

We will be bringing him over to be put to sleep – if it doesn’t happen naturally in the next day or so. I already got a card from a local company who does animal cremation so that we can keep his ashes with us. My parents did this for our little dog Gizmo when he passed away and to this day when I go to their house I look as his little memorial and photo and smile.


My heart is so broken.


  1. Andrea Woodard says:

    I am so sorry for your lose. Hope all works out. I know how hard it is to put a pet to sleep. I have done that before. My heart goes out to all of you.

  2. RIP Skippy … we’ll miss you

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