He’s So Handsome

Xander A-Huntin'

My son. He’s three now. I look at baby pictures of him and think – wow, he’s grown so much in three short years! I mean, babies are little squishy red and screamy (sometimes) little things when they are born; they grow a little and turn into smiley little balls of speed – then walking talking KIDS! It’s absolutely AMAZING!

I think to myself also – how did I miss this? I was always right with him! He is a little boy now (really, ALL BOY). He talks about things he sees and knows, asks questions, responds (sometimes, lol), cares, loves, kisses, hugs … He is so awesome and never ceases to amaze me each and every day.

Of course he drives me BATTY sometimes, especially lately because he’s really, really independent now – but I don’t think I’d have him any other way.


  1. he is so cute. aww the tie!!

    Laarni’s last blog post..Does inner beauty still count these days?

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