Haven’t Been Blogging Because …

I’m pregnant, nauseous, busy, tired, stressed out and spinning WAY too many plates. Not to mention I’ve got seriously nothing to blog about other than how nauseous, busy, tired and stressed out I am. Plus – hubby is always saying I’m being mean. Is anyone else super nasty-mean when they are pregnant? I can’t say I like feeling so angry all the time (I’ve been neglecting to take my Zoloft). But it’s nice to have an “excuse” to be soooooo bitchy all the time. Ha!

But – once I finally get to see an OB I will be a little less stressed (about that at least) and will have more to bore the hell out of my readers with. This blog has always had a severe case of A.D.D – let’s just call a spade a spade here.

Um. Alright – I’ve overused tooltips and confused myself. Back to watching Ghost Hunters.


  1. Well shaw you aren’t into blogging. Hell woman, let some peeps know!!!! CONGRATS! I’m truly excited for you. Enjoy this time as you can’t get it back 🙂

  2. Andrea Woodard says:

    Keep us up-to-date about your pregnancy. That would be a good thing.
    Love ya.

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