Harry Potter Theme Park Commercial

It’s the hottest new theme park opening in a decade: Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure park is putting the finishing touches on its feverishly anticipated The Wizarding World of Harry Potter section. This Sunday, Feb. 7, the world gets a sneak peek at the new 20-acre attraction when a top secret commercial airs during the Saints-Colts Super Bowl battle. Among the surprises: Daniel Radcliffe himself appears as Harry Potter to promote the opening, which was designed with the full cooperation and approval of series author J.K. Rowling.

WalletPop put a sneaky peek of the video up!

Check it out:

Reports are estimating that ad space for a 30 second commercial is selling for as much as $3 million!

I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about this park opening!! I’ve been waiting for a few years now (when I first heard about it!). Universal’s parks are awesome – so I expect this new park to really do the Harry Potter series justice. Oh yeah!

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  1. My daughters are going crazy over this park too. Alicia is hoping to make a trip back home to Florida so she can take Samantha to see the park when it first opens (at least the first month). Me, I’m neutral on this, unless I finally read the series.

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