Happy Halloween everyone! Xander woke up in a funk this morning, so today should be interesting. We’ve been watching Scooby Doo all morning, but he gets MAD when a commercial comes on. It would be funny if he weren’t so LOUD at protesting the commercials! Sheesh!

Samson (the dog) and Xander were playing outside this morning – it was awesome! Yes they were being insanely loud, but they were playing – TOGETHER! This is huge! They never really played together before, and now I guess since Xander is older and can chase Sammy around better Sammy likes him more. Don’t get me wrong, he still growls at him and generally gets annoyed at him (I do to lol … well, not the growling, well .. okay yeah, I growl at him too – he IS annoying!) but – they are getting to where they can actually entertain each other. In fact, Xander was outside calling for Samson and he was in the kitchen with me and I said “Sammy, go outside and play with Xander” and he actually got up and went outside and waited for Xander to play with him – all while wagging his tail!

It’s so nice seeing your kids get along 😉

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