Halloween – The Event

Wow! Halloween was a LOT of fun! Xander and I headed over to Valerie’s house so I could borrow her printer to print insurance cards (which OMG, I have to register the truck today!!!). We half got into costume over there (meaning: her kids got dressed – Captain Hook and Peter Pan, while she did her hair and had on a green shirt for her Tinkerbelle).. I was dressed just in all black – I was “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer” lol. We headed over to Target to grab some stuff and get the rest of Xander’s costume (because I had accidentally grabbed dark blue pants instead of black and the black turtleneck wasn’t going to work since it was not cold). After Target we sat in traffic for awhile. Then ended up at Mandy’s finally. Mandy dressed up as an awesome Devil while her little girl dressed as Dorothy and the baby was going to be a Lion. Soon after Mandy’s friend arrived with her little girl (dressed as a pink kitty) and Jeni came over with her little girls (2 witches and a cheetah). We headed out trick or treating soon after! We did a large “round the block” and saw SO many people out (including a couple dressed in giant fat lady suits with tutu’s .. lol). They were awesome! There were a few ‘haunted houses’ also, that’s something I’d never seen before (in housing). Xander wanted to go in one, but he chickened out 2 feet in, lol … Poor kid.

After we were done at Mandy’s and trick or treating Xander and I headed over to Bianka’s house to crash her ‘party’ 🙂 Her hubby had taken out her son and a friends daughter (Frodo & Tinkerbelle, respectively) dressed as Gandolf. Awesome costumes!! So we ate dinner over there and had a great night with Bianka her hubby, another friend Julissa and the kiddos.

Awesome friends made Halloween awesome 🙂 Oh, and a couple more pictures can be found here!

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