Halloween Costumes Update

I am still no further than I was 3 days ago. Grr!

Hermione –
Have a black skirt, shoes, black tights, the HAIR (my own, lol)
Need the sweater, the wand, the time turner
Alivan’s has the sweater I want for $30, the time turner is at B&N for $8.00 (including stickers!) and the wand I found at a local Hallo-store for $4.00. I’d love LOVE a Noble collection wand but I can’t afford it this year. The skirt I bought is black, the skirt is supposed to be charcoal. Oh Freaking Well.

Husband has no idea –
Er … yeah – I have this feeling he’s going to be a vampire. Not like, Edward Cullen (well – he’d never admit it!) but just a hot dude w/teeth. Y’know?

Super Mario –
Have a red shirt but would like a different one.
Need blue overalls, red shirt, red hat w/patch.

See? I suck … totally …

Here is a photo of Hermione from Half-Blood Prince:

UPDATE: [Oct 24] @ 9:02pm – I now have a Gryffindor robe and a red Mario hat with the “M” patch!

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