Gotta Love a Girls Night!

I love how easy it is to plan (and execute) a Girls Night Out with my friends! I’ve had a stressful week (two time consuming projects along with beginning a new term of … Physics … at school) – so all I wanted all week has been a night out. I posted on Facebook to one friend about getting together with ‘the girls’ and it took off from there! So last night the girls and I met up at “The Clubhouse” here in town and had a great night gossiping, bs-ing and drinking (and eating yummy friend bar food, lol).

While we hung out Alan and his friend (who happens to be the hubby of one of the girls) watched the kids, ate some pizza and played ‘Rainbow Six’ on the Playstation 3. I’m glad that Alan had fun – I know that he needed some ‘hang out’ time too.

Unfortunately, I have a ton of Physics homework to finish … bleh … Back to work!

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