Gotta Get Organized

Tomorrow is THE DAY! Tomorrow, I have to get up early, drop off my baby er, Big Kid off at my friends’ house and head off to school. But, I’m worried. I’m nervous about school because I haven’t done the “learning” thing in awhile. But I am also really worried that I won’t be able to stay organized around the house plus school.

Alan and I had a talk about being a “team” … big time. I think I’m going to be posting little lists around the house to keep up organized. When Alan was deployed a couple years ago I papered the house with them and it totally worked.

The garage was organized a little by the hubby tonight and I threw some laundry in. Tomorrow when I get done with school a couple things I need to work on is folding laundry, the DISHES, some meal planning and maybe even sorting through some of the crap we have (books, candles, junk) and Craigslisting it. Maybe even check out some Amazon books and see what I can get for some of the ones I have. Little extra $$$ in the pocket y’know.

Well, Alan is calling my kitchen a “faggot” so apparently, he needs help in there. Oy …

That and … Family Guy is on and I absolutely HATE that show. I need to get out of this living room …


  1. Congrats on starting school! As with everything, the learning curve with getting organized will slowly build up. You’ll do fine because it’s what you want to do! And you’re a bit stubborn like me, which I think is a good trait 😉

    Connie’s last blog post..The Rays Last Chance

  2. Good luck!! I hope your first day went great.

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