Good Morning Wednesday!

The “Sunny Side Up Show” is on Sprout and Nina (from “The Goodnight Show”) is hosting. Hubby seems to think Nina is kinda hot and I can’t say I disagree with him. Her voice also doesn’t make me crazy like most children show hosts.

I’m sitting here drinking some good coffee, just having finished my b-fast Hot Pocket and getting ready to get up off the couch and get Xander dressed. We’re heading to a playgroup today. I’ve been all over Twitter talking about how much he’s making me nuts this week – he just had this ATTITUDE … gah! Hubby isn’t much better honestly. I think I need a solo shopping trip soon.

After I cleaned the living room yesterday, Xander and I went out to do some shopping – so of course the dog went through the trash. So, again there’s stuff all over the living room floor … Sigh. I honestly don’t know why I clean. I will be re-cleaning the living room today and also finishing up dishes and cleaning the cats portion of the kitchen (I have half the kitchen baby-gated off).


  1. If you go by my husband’s theory, you shouldn’t have to clean. Because he leaves things where they are “convenient” since he “needs them on a regular basis”.

    So…the kids’ toys can stay out because they “need them on a regular basis”…as can all my scrapping stuff, computer things, crafting things…because I “use them on a regular basis, and it’s a PITA to have to keep taking them out and putting them away”.

    Great theory, huh?

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