Good Morning!

This is turning into a daily thing I think, lol ….. My back hurts this morning, I think I slept on it wrong, which is not good. Guess I’ll pop some pills and get over it. We’ve got 2 playgroups today (like yesterday) … I don’t really feel like driving out to the one though. Xander’s already acting like a brat this morning, he is definitely in the terrible twos I think – I hate to categorize him, but sheesh! He deliberately doesn’t listen to me and it drives me nuts. I do a ton for him (for instance, a bunch of playgroups) but it’s not enough. Guess it’s never enough though, typical kid. I just need to get stuff done today and it’s already 8:30 (he got up at 8:00! yay!) and playgroup is soon (I’m always late – they expect it). Blah …

I guess I need to eat and make a snack for this afternoon and get dressed … I DON’T WANNA!!!

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