Good Day So Far

Yeah! I love good days!! (Although, Xander has yet to take a nap, another early night I suppose). Anyway, I did have a blonde moment and forget to get gas … I got lunch instead (duh). Anyway – I visited the thrift store for kids and got Xander a ton of clothes, a Lightning McQueen racecar that talks, two vhs tapes and a Fisher-Price school bus with some people for $18.00 🙂 Then I hit the food store to grab some banana’s (Xander’s request), Iced Tea (mine) and a bubble blower from the NEX (the non-spill kind).

Then I went home, I pulled on some comfy workout clothes and a pair of Alan’s shoes (hey, we’re the same size and he ain’t using them) added a purple bandanna, some big sunglasses and I WEED WHACKED the yard! Yeah! So, albeit a little grassy (like, everywhere), the yard is much, much nicer looking. 🙂

Girl Power! 😉

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