Going on a Treasure Hunt!

Xander's Map

Today I took Xander to a playdate at Red Wing park. One of the girls had set up a Pirate Playdate & Treasure Hunt – which is usually right up Xand’s alley. Today, he was too busy pretending to be Mario (from Nintendo) to be a pirate. We even ended up leaving his pirate hat in the van! Anyone who knows this kid knows he is a pirate maniac … this Nintendo fetish needs to be ended I think. Well, anyway – he had a great time at least. He played with his friends and I got to chat with the other girls. They went on a treasure hunt complete with maps and colored a pirate bandanna. It was a lot of fun. I even got to finally meet one of my new OMBUDSMAN’s, Gabby. She was super sweet and I let her know that I was interested in getting more involved with the command, so we will see what comes out of that.

I caught a super short nap earlier while Xander was sucked into the damn Nintendo. I think I got about a 1/2 hour which was nice. I’m sleepy now – but I’m going to give Xander and shower and get him to bed. Then I can have some sweet alone time with Pinky Lee (yeah, that would be my laptop) and potentially a call from hubby.


  1. Too cute!

    I loved that park last week. Apparently the kids did too because they have been asking to go back every day since.

  2. Whoo hoo!! A phone call! Hope you got one! My lil one is obsessed with cartoons. Don’t think it’s much better then video games. When hubby gets back, her toon time is going to be seriously shortened!

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