Giant Oopsy Boo Boo!

Oh did I BOO BOO! My husband’s domain – where I mooch a little – EXPIRED YESTERDAY! Eep! I completely forgot to renew it – so I ran (well, my fingers ran) to my domain registrar (namecheap! woot!) and I re-upped it. But, it will take 6-12 hours to come back to me now 🙁 Hope my advertisers aren’t TOO pissed with me, nor my hubby! There is an ad page already up there also, that’s what triggered my friend to contact me and go – WTF chick? Thank goodness she did that – otherwise I would’ve completely lost the domain. While I was there I saw that “.me” was available – to the tune of $21 a year with a minimum registration of 2 years! I was considering registering my name, but I don’t know what I would do with it. I’m trying to think up a domain for a travel blog I’m desiring to set up, although I might just tack it onto IF it comes back to me. I really need to set my domains up to auto-renew. auto renews; but that one I usually register for a couple years anyway.

But, yeah .. hopefully that sorts itself out SOON!!

Has everyone entered my GIVEAWAY!?!?! No? Well, what are you waiting for?! The wine charms are super cute and need a new home!

Lately, I’ve been working on networking on Entrecard (thanks to some tips from my wonderful Bloggyfriend Lisa) and I’m very happy with the results of my work. Although it’s not really “work” visiting blogs – but – its a little time consuming … Only because my husband is gone right now and my son is completely up my ass. Sigh.

I’ve ALSO been working on a new layout and possibly a domain name (finally!) for Starryskye Designs. Nothing is finished yet, so I hope to get it up and running soon. There was another project floating around in my head, but I forget what it was. I’ve also been crafting up a storm … I need to pull out the sewing machine and plan a time to get a couple (to start) booty bags done.

Speaking of Xander being up my ass … he’s up there again. I guess he’s tired because he’s being a bit snuggly, but he seems to always choose to snuggle when I’ve got the laptop on my lap. We have a birthday party to go to in a couple hours and I’m sure he will fall asleep on the way there. He asked me for some tuna fish and crackers and WOULDN’T YOU KNOW … he isn’t finishing it. Three year olds suck.

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