Get Your Kids Ready for College!

I happen to know that as an “adult” college student – money is extremely tight! I couldn’t even imagine being a teenager straight out of high school going to college and also keeping track of my budget, feeding myself and maintaining a good grade point average. Any help that the young college student can get is good. Keep it within limits though – you want to teach them to be independent!

Where can a young college student earn money? They can work at several campus spots including the bookstore, eatery or serve as the Resident Advisor. Students can also get part time jobs at grocery stores or fast food restaurants. But – most of the time should (in theory – maybe not in practice) be spent studying and spending time with friends.

In order to save money, college students (including adult ones!) tend to stick to simple foods such as the famous Ramen noodles and spaghetti along with hamburger helper and if they are so lucky – Crockpot stews. College students need to realize that coupons exist for this reason also!

Mom and Dad can help though (of course!) Sears and KMart have these awesome gift cards (purchased in-store) that are distributed to both the student and parent. Parents can load funds onto the card online, in a store, or in a student shop at their local Sears and Kmart stores.

Are you on Facebook? Check out the CampusReady on Facebook application that Sears has created to help assist you and your college student to be “Campus Ready!”


For my readers who are helping your children make the transition to college, visit to find everything they need for their new dorm room in one place! Get “campus ready” with Sears CampusReady!



  1. Andrea Woodard says:

    You can also get a gift card at Walmart where the parent can put money on for the student.

  2. I saw your recent blog post on the SEARS Campus Ready tool.  I took a look at their site and found it to be sub-par.  However, I have used a different tool (my daughter is getting ready to go to college) called DYD (Design Your Dorm) and found it to be superior to campus ready.  Just thought I’d let you know about them since I have used them and know that they are a good service.

    Their website is by the way.

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