Geek-ness Blocked

geek-girlSo, I just finished with a class on ASP.NET and Visual Studio and was all excited to create a website based on my learnings. Of course – then I realized I have a UNIX based hosting account. I need the Windows based hosting account in order to publish .aspx files. Considering the fact that I have 5 websites hosting on my account and they are pretty much all SQL-database driven I will not be just changing over my account. I don’t even know what kind of damage that will cause. Ugh!

I’m thinking though of transferring my domain to another hosting place so I can put just that one on the Windows hosting plan. That will give me a chance to learn a Windows based server (which I’ve never used before).

I know this is all GEEK SPEAK to most of my readers and I am sorry, lol … Just trying to vent a little here and get some feedback. I’m trying to learn the most I can learn here!

OH – speaking of Geek Speak – my friend Dan posted this awesome link to an interactive film made by a man named Chris Milk (and apparently some Google buddies). You have to view it on Chrome browser though. It’s really neat and features WebGL which is a web-based Graphics Library. It extends the capability of the JavaScript programming language to allow it to generate interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser. Great. Yet another thing I want to learn now!

That cute dog tag? Find it here!

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